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Expert independent specialist

Technijet is an independent, impartial supplier and manufacturer of quality cleaning equipment for many industries and any application.

From our location in the north-west of England we can (and do) easily advise, supply and support businesses anywhere in the world.

We understand your needs

We understand your needs

We deliver the right products

We deliver the right products

We support your business

We support your business

CALL NOW – Get the best advice

The best advice is always impartial advice, and that’s what you get from Technijet. We are not tied to recommending particular brands – not even our own. We recommend what’s the best value for you.

Just contact us, describe the problem you need help with, and from our many years of accumulated know-how we’ll give you friendly, clear advice explaining all your options.

If you wish we can arrange a site visit and bring equipment to demonstrate and evaluate. Equipment is competitively priced, we carry significant stock and can often deliver in 24 hours.

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About us

Technijet, founded in 1992, is a world-class source of expertise in all forms of industrial and professional cleaning.

We work as a team and our strength is cleaning technology. As well as offering professional and domestic pressure washers and other cleaning equipment from leading brands, Technijet designs and manufactures process equipment cleaning systems for a range of industrial applications, helping to improve efficiency and productivity while meeting high environmental standards.

We supply, support and repair cleaning equipment from other leading manufacturers, enabling us to impartially identify the most appropriate equipment for your particular application.

As a source of equipment, advice and support Technijet simply cannot be beaten, whether you’re a major manufacturer, a one-person business or an individual wanting the benefits of a pressure washer at home.

Technijet brings the latest ideas and innovations

Cleaning technology products evolve rapidly and Technijet is itself innovating constantly.

The best way to find out what is true state of the art and not just marketing hype is to talk to us, and we’re always happy to be asked.

You always get superb value from Technijet, in the quality of the products we sell and – at least as important – in the quality of our expert advice.

Call us today on: 015242 73000

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