Rotovac For Textile Preparation

Textile Preparation


Utilising the advanced technology of the ROTOVAC system it has become possible to offer a standalone system for the continual cleaning and preparation of textile fabrics prior to the coating and finishing processes.

The ROTOVAC standalone system offers maximum flexibility to clean lint and dust from fabric prior to any treatment process. 


Designed and constructed as a standalone unit, ROTOVAC can now be installed to clean conventional and technical fabrics prior to the coating or laminating.

The removal of lint and dust is maximised through the ROTOVAC technology, a technology already widely used around the world for the continual cleaning of fabric prior to rotary screen printing.

This advanced technology is now made available as an independent system through continued product development. 


Added controls and construction ensures the textile process is not affected by alignment or tension issues. The fully adjustable design allows for precise and final adjustments at the time of installation to ensure the highest effect for the removal of lint and dust.

This new development offers all the standard facilities and controls found on a standard ROTOVAC system. Together leading to process and quality improvements of the end product and production facility. 

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Textile PreparationTextile Preparation


Process Widths 1200 - 3200mm
Process Speeds 5 - 100 metres/min
Power Supplies 380-415v 50Hz 460-480v 60Hz
Power Rating 6KW
Water Consumption 1.5 Litres/min
Water Connection 15mm
Air Supply 2 - 8 bar (6mm)
Discharge Connection 50mm