Rotovac For Rotary Printing


The second generation ROTOVAC offer maximum effectiveness for lint and debris removal from pre-printed fabric. They are available for both Rotary and Flat screen printing systems and suit all fabric types, process speeds and process widths.

New advanced technology within the ROTOVAC include a self cleaning vacuum system, designed to continually discharge the lint contaminated water ensuring continual operation with minimal operator intervention. Additionally the electronic control system is self monitoring so ensures maximum effectiveness during operation.

These together with a light weight durable construction and ease of installation make it the most advanced system for lint, dust and debris removal on the market today.


The ROTOVAC control pack can be positioned in any location around the ROTOVAC roller system. It is supplied as standard with 5 meters of service connections so only requires an electrical connection, clean water and compressed air to become fully functional.

Clear screen display with continual information ensures optimal performance and ease of operation.


An operator interface with advanced electronic control and clear view display panel, allows a total control of all ROTOVAC functions. The system is also equipped with self diagnostic software to ensure performance is maintained whilst offering continual running.

Automatic start / stop systems work in connection with the print machine or process line requirements to minimise operator intervention.

Additionally the multi-functional control panel offers a roller cleaning and adhesive application mode to ensure performance and speeds are optimised.


Electronic roller cleaning limit positions maximise the available performance for the lint and dust removal, ensuring the effected lint pick up area of the roller is continually cleaned. Linked also with periodic full roller cleaning ensures minimal build up of debris occur to the outer roller edges.

Left and Right handed operator stations are available at time of order, depending on print machine configuration and specific customer requirements.


The unique roller floatation design ensures maximum lint and dust removal, it ensures all fabric types can be processed without causing fabric distortion or damage.

Roller cleaning speeds and lint removal rates are easily variable, depending on fabric types and the process final requirements. Factory default settings are installed to ensure performance is guaranteed on installation and start up.


Machine installation is made simple to minimise line stoppage times. Access to the roller unit is also made simple so cleaning can be effected on a regular bases with a minimal stoppage time.

All service connections are located for ease of installation and inspection.

Finally the adhesive application is assisted with the pneumatically lifted cover and automated roller rotation during application. This provides both a consistent and regular adhesive surface, with minimal stoppage or process down time.

Together this maximises lint, dust and debris removal and offers total control to the operator.


The above technical data relates to a standard ROTOVAC system.

For additional information relating to process widths or process speeds email our

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Process Widths 1200 - 3200mm
Process Speeds 5 - 100 metres/min
Power Supplies 380-415v 50Hz 460-480v 60Hz
Power Rating 6KW
Water Consumption 1.5 Litres/min
Water Connection 15mm
Air Supply 2 - 8 bar (6mm)
Discharge Connection 50mm