Rotovac For Flat Screen Printing

Flat Bed
  • Unique double roller design
  • Rapid roller start and stop
  • Reduces printing faults
  • Automatic roller changeover
  • Printing widths 1.8m – 3.2m


The utilisation of a unique patented double roller design enables continual lint and dust removal during the flat screen printing process, helping to minimise printing faults and maximise output.

The ROTOVAC cleaning technology is unique and has been further developed to offer this double roller configuration. It allows for the rapid start and stop process of flat screen printing whilst maximising lint and dust removal.  

Light weight

The unique and patented lightweight roller system offers versatility of operation as it enables the rapid start and stop process without any negative effect to the fabric. An advanced low weight roller design minimises roller inertia during the start and stop process, this enables successful processing and cleaning of knitted and woven fabrics so reducing printing faults, improving quality and maximising output.

Advanced electronics ensure continual cleaning and integration with any printing machine.

Rapid start & stop

ROTOVAC for flat screen printing is the only system available for the removal of lint and dust directly before the printing process. Lint and dust removal is undertaken directly before the flat screen printing process whilst the fabric is at the printing table.

No other system can offer this unique facility in reducing printing faults and improving output.

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Flat BedFlat BedFlat BedFlat Bed


Process Widths 1200 - 3200mm
Process Speeds 5 - 50 metres/min
Power Supplies 380-415v 50Hz 460-480v 60Hz
Power Rating 6KW
Water Consumption 1.5 Litres/min
Water Connection 15mm
Air Supply 2 - 8 bar (6mm)
Discharge Connection 50mm