ROTOVAC A Unique Solution

For over a decade Technijet has been designing, producing and installing advanced wash systems for the textile printing industry where cleaning systems are essential to the smooth process operation.

Technijet have always responded to the challenges set by the industry and ROTOVAC is a direct development of that process, bringing together and creating advanced technologies to revolutionise the pre-cleaning of printing substrates.

Technijet have worked closely with the textile printing industry in the development of the ROTOVAC technologies to ensure a level of performance which makes a substantive and measurable difference to process costs and final production quality.

The ROTOVAC is now used in factories around the world to reduce and solve the problems of lint pick up from pre-printed fabric.

Through the continual development of ROTOVAC technology the second generation models are now available. The new generation design offer maximum performance for the operator and includes full operator interface technology ensuring continual monitored performance.

Available to suit all print widths and process speeds for either rotary or flat screen printing systems.


How it Works

ROTOVAC uses a specially formulated semi permanent adhesive coated roller. The adhesive level has been carefully developed to optimise process effectiveness to ensure consistent operation throughout consecutive print runs, removing lint and debris on a continual basis directly before the first screen print position. The roller itself is rubber coated with a surface ground finish, it is supplied with a lift and lower mechanism incorporating fine adjustments to ensure flotation above the fabric so optimising debris removal.

The system’s unique patented oscillating cleaning head, positioned above the roller, removes lint and debris that has adhered to the roller surface; whilst simultaneously the ROTOVAC control system automatically detects roller and fabric speed, allowing for varying operating speeds, as well as automatic starting and stopping without operator intervention.

The lint and debris removed is carried away to a central control and service pack that continually monitors its own performance, ensuring minimum operator intervention.

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