Scrubtec 553/Boost 5

Scrubtec 553

Suitable for easy, efficient floor cleaning in hospitals, retail outlets, manufacturing plants, car dealers, garages, warehouses,restaurants, hotels, and other locations where it is vital that floors are kept clean.

This exciting SCRUBTEC 5 range offers fast, effective and inexpensive cleaning. Highly productive, these units produce a fast return on investment and represent the best value for money in walk-behind scrubber/dryers.

  • Battery versions & Boost qualify for up to 28% government Cashback under the new ECA Water Technology Product List. For more information visit the news section on
  • Interchangeable brush decks
  • 42 litres solution and recovery tanks.
  • Large access to recovery tank speeds up cleaning time.
  • Adjustable scrubbing pressure provides the best results under all conditions.
  • Available with 510 mm BOOST deck for even cleaning results with minimize water and chemical consumptions.

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Scrubtec 553Scrubtec 553Scrubtec 553