Flat Screen Washers

Flat Screen Washer

Purpose built from stainless steel and corrosive resistant material the Flat screen wash system is designed to suit the individual needs of the industry for effectively washing and cleaning flat screens. Both fully automatic or manual operation machines are designed with the options to wash either water or solvent based paints, pigments or inks. Further options allow dual wash operations with a drying facility if required. All designs offer the highest quality of cleaning available in today's market, allowing for effective cleaning without causing damage or distortion to the screen.


Additional Information

Available for Solvent or water based operation

Accepts screen sizes up to 3500mm

Unique high quality cleaning action delivering a complete wash in less than 2 mins.

Minimises screen damage with no brushes or scrubbing action

Low water consumption saving up to 25% compared with conventional washing

Plc controlled offering latest safety features

Minimum operator involvement

Increases production capability

Stainless steel construction

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Flat Screen WasherFlat Screen WasherFlat Screen Washer