Composite Rollers

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As part of the development of our ROTOVAC product range a unique COMPOSITE MACHINE ROLLER system has been created.

The TECHNIJET composite roller system is a unique manufacturing process initially developed in house for use within existing systems. The PATENTED roller system has been so successful it is now made available for other machine processes and applications when low weight and low inertia are needed.

Roller sizes and diameters can be manufactured and made available in any combination of size from 100mm diameter to 300mm diameter and face lengths of 100mm – 3500mm.

Typical weight saving of the composite construction is 80% against traditional steel or aluminium constructions. Final finish textures and even colours can be varied to suit individual applications.

Composite machine rollers offer many advantages over traditional systems.


Light Weight

Low Inertia

Lower Energy

Easy to Install

Reduced Cost

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